What is Quartz Inversion?
No, it’s not a quart of milk standing on its head. It’s the point at which silica crystals in clay change their molecular structure during the rise and fall of temperatures in the kiln. Heat serves as a catalyst for permanent change. Very cool idea. I think of it as a metaphor for most things in life. The transformational power of art can change us at the very core. Our actions change the earth every day, for better or worse. The choices we make, the thoughts we have, and the words we say change us in every way at every moment--from the inside out. I like to think that I go through a quartz inversion on a regular basis....and once quartz inversion occurs, there is no going back.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keep walking....

Each day I try to find a quote or saying that seems fitting to my current state of mind. Lately, I've been focusing on "perseverance" and that the most important thing is to keep working, without regard for the outcome and with no expectations. Approaching the studio from that place I am never (well...,almost never) dissatisfied with what comes out of a day's work because I know the most important thing is that I get to the studio as often as possible ~ every day would be ideal. So here is my quote for today:

"If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking." ~ Buddhist proverb


Trudy Callan said...

I just started An Artistic Mother's Group where we will be going through 12 projects together from Shona Cole's new book The Artistic Mother. This quote so reflects the mission of this group and Shona's book. Her desire is to help mothers find a to fit art into their every day, even if it's just a little something. I would so love for you to join us. You can read more about it on my blog; and if you're interested in participating, just leave me a comment, and I'll add you to the list.



PS If this is not something you are interested in doing at this time,or even if you are, maybe you could do a little blurb about it for me so that other artsy moms can join. It might be a help to them if they are looking for inspiration and/or an accountability group. We start March 6th, but anyone can jump in at any time. We will spend two weeks on each project. Blog about our progress and link to all of the other participants. Thanks so much for your consideration.

JoAnne Ruggeri said...

Hi Trudy! Thanks for your comment and the invite to join the group. I'm not a mom, so I don't think it's the group for me, but I will pass along the info to some other mom's I know.
Good luck with it. It sounds like a great idea!!!